Retirement ….

2020 is marking a new aera in my life. I am now Retired! So I don’t have to get up to go to work daily. If I want to go golfing all day I can – except it’s the COVID-19 has put some restrictions there as well. So I’m on my own to do with my time as I wish – that is if it ok with the wife of course 😎. She retired this year too, so we are now free to do what we want without being resticted by how many vacation days are left this year and all that …

Do we have a plan? Yes we had! COVID-19 also forced some changes to those plans. We wanted to be travelling a lot more than before. We no have to wait a bit before we can start those adventures. We will enjoy longer trips now we are no longer restricted to 6 weeks vacation time each year. So it is now within reach to be gone to Australia for 6 weeks and maybe throw in a visit to Spain for 10 weeks. No restrictions except of course the financial aspect. It isn’t free to travel.

The other aspect of retirement is that I don’t have to go to work every day. We can’t be travelling all the time and golfing is not fun for me during the winter. So even with multiple other hobbies and interests, I am looking into working a little bit as part-time freelancer. Just because I retire, it does not mean that all my skills and experiences go out the window. So I still have some 50 years of working experience and knowledge of life. that I can put to good use.

When the COVID-19 situation is a bit more clear I will investigate how I can start working a little bit again.